Warren Friss is a Unique Corporate and Sports Lawyer

August 24, 2018
Warren Friss

As a corporate attorney with a significant reputation, Warren Friss has shown himself capable of offering legal counsel and assistance to just about any business or other organization, including established companies with a long record of success behind them, but it can also include start-ups, trying to get a flying start and become successful. He represents all sorts of companies and other organizations, including huge multinational corporations and tiny little mom-and-pop organizations and pretty much everything in between those. Warren Friss has handled a great many cases involving ownership restructuring and transitions, but he is also proficient when it comes to business formation, regulatory compliance issues and he can even negotiate contracts.

Over the years, Warren Friss has played a key role in negotiating many contracts and he has dealt with many complex transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, private placements, joint ventures and strategic alliances, and other matters. He is also highly skilled and experienced with issues like debt financing and employment law. That said, one thing that makes Warren Friss unique could be his primary legal specialty, which is sports-related law.

That relatively unusual specialty likely stems from the time Warren Friss served as general counsel for The Topps Company, which is known worldwide as one of the most prominent sports cards and memorabilia companies anywhere. There, he played an integral role in most of Topps’ contract negotiations and its financial transactions and intellectual property matters. At one point, he also became an executive at the company, serving as head of their Internet and Sports & Entertainment Division, where he was responsible for all business functions, not just the legal matters.

For Warren Friss, Experience Makes the Difference

May 21, 2018
Whenever a player, a team or a business related to sports is faced with a legal issue, Warren Friss is a great choice for legal help because he can usually get excellent results. That is because Mr. Friss has a much higher and broader level of experience in the sports-related field than most corporate attorneys. In part, his experience comes from his tenure as general counsel and executive with a very large private-sector company that sold sports cards and other memorabilia, but also from his role as a private practice attorney, which he has been for nearly three decades so far.

It can be said that the wide and varied experience Warren Friss has accumulated over the years has made him a fine legal mind, uniquely capable of guiding client businesses to the best possible outcome in virtually any legal matter, in the most cost-efficient manner possible. By providing his clients with legal services from a unique business-minded perspective, he uses the impressive skills to get the best results for all of them. Warren Friss is considered among the top-tier corporate attorneys in New York City, and he is seen as capable of helping clients get the best results in virtually every legal situation for any company of any size and at any stage of business development. Mr. Friss is now a partner with Ingram Yuzek Gainen Carroll & Bertolotti, LLP (Ingram), one of the most important corporate law firms in New York City.

As a managing partner for Ingram’s corporate practice area, Warren Friss leads one of the most talented groups of corporate attorneys anywhere. They not only have been rated as the best by their clients; their peers also consider them to be among the best anywhere.